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Irvine Jane Doe was a young woman found murdered in California in 2009. Over 55 women and girls have been ruled out as being the decedent.


In the late evening hours before September 5th, 2009, the decedent was walking down the street in Santa Ana, California, when she was suddenly approached by a man in a van. Believing she was a sex worker, the man negotiated to purchase sexual favors from her and convinced her to get into the vehicle, with the woman not knowing his brother was also in the van. When she noticed the brother's presence, she began screaming and attempted to escape the vehicle, prompting the brothers to attack her and strangle her to death. The brothers then traveled to a parking lot in Irvine to dump her body, eight miles away from where she had been killed. In an attempt to get rid of her body, the perpetrators dumped half of a gallon of gasoline onto her body and set it ablaze, though failed to burn much of her body.

Hours after the brothers had dumped the decedent's body and fled the scene, an employee for the company that owned the parking lot arrived only to find the woman's corpse. Most of her clothing was burned beyond recognition with only her high heels containing a recognizable brand tag. With detectives additionally noting how the decedent was quite tall without her heeled shoes, they appealed to the public to help identify her believing seeing a tall woman in heels would stand out in a person's memory. Despite releasing a sketch alongside the appeal and tracing every business that could have sold the shoes she was wearing, no substantial leads were able to be obtained. Her fingerprints were also able to be obtained but did not match anyone recorded in the police's database, indicating she had never been arrested in her lifetime.

In November of 2010, the two brothers who had killed the decedent were identified as Gabino and Zenaido Valdivia-Guzman after their DNA was discovered under her fingernails. They both pleaded not guilty and were tried separately, though Zenaido's first trial in 2016 had resulted in a mistrial. A new trial is set to be scheduled in the future with details about Gabino's trial being unavailable to the public.

The van the decedent had been abducted and killed in has never been found. In addition, her body is noted to have been cremated sometime after obtaining her DNA, fingerprints, and dental chart.


  • Short, curly brown hair measuring 3 inches long.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Single piercing in each ear.
  • Described as having a slender build.
  • Noted as never experiencing any type of dental work or care during her lifetime.


  • Multicolor animal print shorts.
  • Black camisole blouse.
  • 'Glaze' brand high heels with multiple straps and zipper up front, size 10. Noted as being manufactured by "Elegance Enterprise".
  • Black skirt.
  • Remains of a bra.