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Inga Perković
Age 16
Race White
Sex Female
Location Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Disappeared June 7, 2001
Missing for 20 years
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Weight Unknown
Classification Not stated

Inga Perković (Born 16 August 1985) was a teenage girl from Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who went missing in 2001. On the day of her disappearance, Inga was scheduled to retrieve her report card from school and visit her aunt afterward but failed to show up to her aunt's home.


Perković was a resident of the village Potok near Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to her grandmother, Inga was last seen on the 18th of June 2001 leaving her house to go and retrieve her report card from school. She was supposed to visit an aunt later that day but failed to turn up. A few days before her disappearance, two men asked her grandmother about Inga's whereabouts, but Inga's father, Ivica, chased them away.

Several months after Inga's disappearance, an anonymous female tipster claiming to be in a loo and in a hurry phoned Inga's grandmother and informed her that Inga had been located in Mostar by a certain man named Fikret. The man had allegedly forced Inga into a green car and had her work at his coffeehouse. The tip yielded no results.

Inga had once eloped with a construction worker from Zavidovići who was employed in Livno. The police easily tracked her to Zavidovići the first time, and her love interest was questioned during the investigation into her second disappearance. The police believe he has nothing to do with the case because the one-time couple hadn't been in contact for a long time.


  • Brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.