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Imperial County John Doe was a man, believed to be of German origin, who was found in the desert ten miles east of Carriso Spring, California on June 17, 1909. An inquest was deemed unnecessary, as it was quickly determined he died from the heat of the desert and dehydration. He is buried at the Imperial Historic Cemetery in Brawley, California.


  • Full dark brown beard.
  • Long and wavy streaked-gray hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • Light-colored coat of medium weight.
  • Navy blue woolen shirt.
  • New pair of blue overalls.
  • Old overalls and jumper over his suit.
  • White underwear.
  • Several Los Angeles newspapers.
  • $20.50 in the victim's pockets.
  • Golden crucifix.
  • Golden badge composed of a capital "C", across which was a bar bearing the word "Philathea".
  • Blue-dotted bandana handkerchief.
  • Ladies' embroidered handkerchief.