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Holyhead John Doe was a man whose body was found at the bottom of cliffs in Holyhead, Anglesey.


  • Medium build.
  • Brown receding hair.
  • Moustache.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Surgical scar on left hip.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue raincoat 3/4 length with zip.
  • Brown Leather woven pattern, size 7 "International" on heel patent.
  • Black jeans.
  • Brown leather belt with buckle.
  • Maroon sweater.
  • Purple vest.
  • Multi socks.
  • Brown sports checked jacket with Brown/green woollen material.
  • 1 gold chain with pendant of 2 boys back to back in a circle.


  • Brown wallet.
  • Some British bank notes.
  • 1 x plastic lighter.