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Henry County John Doe was a young man found murdered in 2003 in Indiana. He was seen alive in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, two days before.


On October 2nd, 2003 Detectives Jerry Cason and Frank Hittel of the Indianapolis Police Department were escorting a prisoner around Henry County, in an attempt to gain information about crimes he had committed. The prisoner asked to use the restroom and the detectives pulled into an abandoned gas station located off I-70 on Indiana Route 109, where as they were taking a break, one of the individuals discovered a deceased male lying in the back of the gas station.

The deceased had been shot in the head and that he had only been at this location for less than 24 hours. An autopsy was performed in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Shortly after, his photo was taken in attempts to identify him through the media but to no avail. The detectives who had found the body surrendered their service weapons to Henry County officials, as protocol to ensure the officers were not involved in the murder.


Sometime after the discovery, investigators found out that this John Doe may have had a connection with the city of Reynoldsburg, Ohio; as he was seen two days before his discovery at the local Walmart making a purchase. Additionally, he was seen driving a red car. Investigators have not speculated what kind of car he was driving, nor any proof that he was at the Walmart.

NCMEC took on the case in 2012, and provided the above information to their bulletin as well as an updated reconstruction of the victim. Prior to this, only a postmortem photograph was available for identification purposes.


The man was described as a Hispanic male (though an earlier newspaper report identified him as a black male), between the ages of 17-30, about 5'2 and weighed roughly 108 pounds. His jaw had been wired shut and his teeth showed evidence of old brace brackets from previous orthodontic work. It is possible that he had previously tried to remove some brackets himself. He also had a small mole on his upper right shoulder and one on his lower back.

Clothing and accessories

  • A blue "Malone USA" sweatshirt
  • Brown work pants with "UConn" warm-up sweatpants over the pants
  • White Reebok Sneakers
  • White socks
  • White Duke Baseball Cap