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Harry[1] was a man whose burned skeletal remains were found on a farm in Charleston, Missouri in 1979.

He underwent testing by Southeast Missouri State University, Redgrave Research and Othram, Inc. and was identified months later.


The remains, found on a farm, were initially believed to be female until confirmed by DNA testing in 2016 disputed the initial examination of the remains. The remains were reportedly in a charred condition and severely fragmented, with small amounts of tissue present. It is believed the burning occurred after the deterioration of the body.

His cause of death was ruled an accidental drowning

Upon the renewed investigative efforts, some objects were placed in the container that held the remains, although authorities are unsure whether they are affiliated with the decedent.


He was identified in April 2020. He drowned in the Missouri River in 1979. His death was known to his relatives and the authorities but his body was unable to be recovered. The body eventually ended up on a farm as a result of flooding and was burned most likely by accident as a result of farm activities. His family requested that his full name not be released but it was publicized that he went by the name Harry and was in his mid-thirties at the time of his death.

His remains have been sent to his family.


  • Light brown to dark blond hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • Parts of a styrofoam container (resembling a restaurant "take-out" box).
  • A house style key.
  • Old, blank form labeled as being from the Marquette Cement Company.
  • Small, rectangular, rusty metal canister bearing traces of what appears to be an eagle emblem.
  • White shoelace.




  1. The decedent's family requested the man's surname to be omitted from media sources immediately following the identification.