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Hancock County Jane Doe was a woman hit by a vehicle in 1998. Her body was scheduled to be exhumed in 2013, yet the remains under the grave were not hers - but a man.


  • Naturally brown hair which had been dyed reddish brown.
  • Grey eyes, which are described as being "unique" in color.
  • She was tanned.
  • Freckles.
  • A vaccination scar on her left arm.
  • A cesarean section scar on her abdomen.
  • She had chronic bronchitis.
  • She had emphysema.
  • She had black lung disease.
  • She had numerous small hydatid cysts in her oviducts.
  • She had moderate osteoarthritis in her spine.
  • She had endentulous, dentures were not located at the scene though.
  • Her legs and armpits were unshaven.
  • Her nails where short, uneaven and dirty.
  • She is believed to have given birth to at least two children in her lifetime.
  • She had bug bites on her body when she was found.

Clothing and accessories

  • Jeans.
  • A black hooded sweatshirt with "Florida" on the front.
  • Blue velvet slippers.
  • She was not wearing socks or underwear.
  • There were seven Ephedrine- Guaifenefine MINI pills found in her right back jean pocket.