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Halifax John Doe was a man who was found deceased in a forested area behind a Petro-Canada station near the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. He was found hanging from a tree. Police do not believe foul play was involved in his death.


  • Brown or black, medium length hair with unbraided dreadlocks.
  • Brown eyes.
  • John Doe's nose was bent slightly to the left.
  • Both ears appeared to be pierced, but John Doe wore no earrings.
  • A beard or goatee.
  • Healthy teeth with an overbite.
  • A left tibia fracture that didn't heal properly. John Doe either didn't receive modern medical treatment or removed his cast before it was completely healed.
  • An athletic, medium build.
  • A dark complexion.

Clothing and belongings

  • A pair of Italian designed, dark framed, Dolce & Gabbana prescription glasses.
  • A multicoloured dress shirt.
  • A grey Emilio sweater in a size medium.
  • A Real Madrid European Football (soccer) jersey.
  • A brown, leather belt.
  • Blue, denim Lee pants sized 32/32.
  • New, beige, Timberland hiking boots in a size 9.
  • A Dorcy flashlight.
  • A McKinley backpack with neatly folded clothes inside.