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"Gypsy" was the name used by an unidentified woman killed in Los Angeles.


The victim was located among some bushes in a remote hilly area, on Avenue J and 255th Street in Lancaster, California on June 26, 1984. She was found nude from the waist down, lying face down on a green electric blanket.

She was known to associate with Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders. She may have used the nickname “Gypsy” and worked at the “Tennessee Bar” in Culver City, California prior to her death.


  • Heavy build 
  • Hair is dark brown, medium length and straight 
  • Eye color is unknown

Clothing and Accessories

  • White, long sleeve sweatshirt with collar, Jones label
  • blue Levis
  • black, ankle length boots
  • brown socks
  • men's black and white t-shirt
  • white lace, Accentuate bra
  • black, lace panties
  • belt with a Harley-Davidson belt buckle
  • yellow metal chain with horse pendant around neck
  • yellow medal chain with Catholic medallion found in victim's right rear pocket