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Gulf Shores John Doe was a man who drowned at a public beach in 2005. He was believed to have been in the country illegally. 13 men have been ruled out as the victim.

He is undergoing testing by Moxxy Forensics. They have found he had possible ancestry from Guatemala, Venezuela, or Mexico.


On September 24, 2005, authorities were called to the scene of an accidental drowning at the Gulf Shores Public Beach near the West Second Street beach access, attributed to the heavy surf caused by Hurricane Rita.

Witnesses reported that the decedent had been with three other men, all believed to be in the United States illegally. One of the men reportedly attempted to save the victim before the arrival of police and paramedics, after which the remaining three men fled the scene, possibly due to fear of deportation.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the men were not local to the Gulf Shores area. Authorities processed the decedent's fingerprints, which yielded no matches in records from the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization or the FBI.

Despite authorities' efforts to identify the victim by showing his photograph to Hispanic residents in south Baldwin County, no identification has been made.

Forensic genealogy by Moxxy Forensic Investigations has revealed that one of the decedent's parents would've been from Northern Central America and the other from Southern Mexico.


  • Black hair.
  • Black mustache and goatee.
  • 1 1/2 inch long scar located on the left side of the abdomen.
  • Several scars on the right knee.
  • 1-inch scar on the left knee.