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Gregory "Greg" G. McGovern was a man whose remains were found in a wooded area close to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Tourism office.

He was identified in October 2020.


On April 22nd, 2019, an individual in the dense woods in Shawnee County near the KDWT office reported the discovery of probably human remains in the vegetation. Despite the remains being found on private property, authorities were able to retrieve the remains and a nearby backpack before their search for more was called off due to low light and heavy vegetation. The following day they were able to confirm that the remains were human and concluded what was possible of their search after access to the private property they were found on was denied. By April 24th, the case had fallen cold and all searches were called off.

In June 2019 the Shawnee County Sherriff's Office announced that they had sent the remains to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identifications to uncover the identity of the decedent found in the woods. Over a year later in October 2020, the remains were identified as Gregory G. McGovern, who had disappeared from his home in Topeka, Kansas in 2018. His friends had said he would sometimes spend several months in Jacksonville, Florida, but are unsure how or why McGovern was found near the KDWT. Nonetheless, his death is currently deemed to not be suspicious and investigation on his case has concluded.


  • Backpack