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Grand County John Doe was a man whose skeletal remains were discovered by hikers ascending out of the central canyon on the west side of Hotel Mesa near Moab, Utah on September 18, 2014. He was laying on a decaying foam pad under a juniper tree. One or more limbs and one or both hands were not recovered.

Clothing and accessories

  • Camouflage wide-brimmed hat.
  • Light-colored shirt.
  • Tan camouflage cargo pants.
  • Dark leather belt.
  • Blue hiking socks.
  • Brown high-ankle Vasque gore tex hiking boots, size 10.
  • Leather gun-holster belt with ammunition.
  • Green netting material.
  • Bic lighter.
  • Pieces of blue rope with two black hooks attached.
  • Blue and white Thermarest sleeping pad.
  • White and red handkerchief.