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Graham County John Doe was a man whose mummified and partially skeletonized remains were found near the intesection of US Route 191 and US Route 70 near Safford, Arizona.


  • Black and grey hair, 2" long.
  • Moustache, 1" long.

Clothing and accessories

  • Plaid shirt, long sleeved, with pearl-like buttons.
  • T-shirt, color was likely white.
  • Blue jeans with label, "Made in Mexico".
  • Brown work boots with label, "Hencho en Mexico" (Spanish for "Made in Mexico"). There was an inscription in one of the boots: "0995585526". It's unclear if this is supossed to be a phone number.
  • Wooden match stick.
  • 'Vicks' "VapoRub" container with Spanish language on it.