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Gloria Faye Stringer was a young woman whose body was found in the Brazos River in 1975. She was identified in 2012.


Stringer, a native of Tennesee, was last heard from on June 4, 1975. She vanished after informing her family she was traveling to Texas, despite not having a vehicle of her own. She left behind a young son, who was raised by her parents in her absence.


Stringer's unclothed body was discovered in the Brazos River in a severe state of decomposition, 87 miles from where she lived. The location wasn't far from an intersection on Interstate 10. A group of boys who were fishing along the shore made the initial discovery. A now-retired justice of the peace aided in the recovery of the body, and he maintained a deep passion for the case afterward.


Foul play is speculated in the victim's case, as the circumstances of her death do not support an accidental drowning. Springer apparently was unable to swim, and no evidence of clothing was found. There is a chance she was the victim of an unspecified serial killer who was active in Houston and Galveston during the time Springer died.

On the 37th anniversary of the discovery, her remains were exhumed for DNA testing and to create a facial reconstruction for the first time. The DNA tests failed, but the forensic sketch was released publicly.

Stringer's sister-in-law called authorities after seeing the rendering, informing them of the resemblance and the disappearance of her loved one. She also alerted Stringer's adult son. Both the unidentified woman and the missing person had various physical similarities, including prior surgeries and the same color of polish on their nails. Gloria Stringer was forensically identified via alternative forms of comparison.