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Gerogery John Doe was a male who was discovered in the town of Gerogery, Australia in early 1880.


The decedent is said to have been discovered in early 1880, but little information is available about his characteristics. It is presumed that he was a laborer contracted by notable British railway engineer George Cornwell.

Robert Francis Burns, an Irish Australian farm labourer convicted and sentenced to death for killing a fellow worker named Michael Quinlivan, confessed to murdering seven other men shortly prior to his execution. Among these unconfirmed victims were the Gerogery John Doe and another unidentified man. It was suspected that the decedent worked with Burns as a fellow contractor, but as Mr Cornwell was unable to recover any pocketbooks and pay sheets related to the case, this remains speculatory. Burns was hanged at HM Prison Ararat on 25 September 1883.