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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

George is the first name of a unidentified murder victim of Patrick Kearney AKA The Trash Bag Killer AKA The Freeway Killer. He was murdered in Tijuana, Mexico in December of 1967 and his remains were found on July 8, 1977.


In June of 1967, David Hill, Kearney's boyfriend, invited him to drive to Mexico to meet a close friend of Hill's, only known as "George." In December of 1967, Kearney shot "George" between the eyes with his pistol as the latter slept in the master bedroom of Kearney's home in Tijuana, Mexico. He then placed his body in the bathtub, sodomized it, dismembered and skinned it with an X-Acto knife, extracted the bullet so it could not be traced to Kearney's gun, and buried the remains behind his garage. Kearney did not kill for another year as he was afraid police would ask questions about "George" if he did.

After his surrender on July 1, 1977, Kearney confessed to killing "George" and led authorities to his body, which was found on July 8, 1977. He was convicted for his murder.

Between 1962-1977, Kearney killed, sexually assaulted post-mortem, mutilated, and dismembered dozens of young men and boys in California and Mexico. He confessed to twenty-eight murders, was convicted of twenty-one murders, and police believed he may be responsible for up to forty-three murders. Hill was cleared of any involvement in the murders. Kearney is incarcerated at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California.

Despite Kearney's conviction and Hill and "George" being old friends, "George's" full identity is unknown.



  1. His offical age is unknown, but he is described as a young man.