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[[File:Fulton_janedoe.jpg|thumb|240px]] Sketch by Wesley Neville

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Fulton County Jane Doe
Fulton janedoe.jpg
Sex Female
Race Black
Location Fulton County, Georgia
Found June 9, 1992
Unidentified for 30 years
Postmortem interval Minutes
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 30-45
Height approximation 4'8-4'10
Weight approximation 142 pounds
Cause of death Undetermined

Fulton County Jane Doe was a unidentified woman found in Atlanta, Georgia. Though she was discovered shortly plummeting to her death, the exact case of her fall is uncertain. Authorities think it was either accidental or suicide, but have not ruled out homicide.


The Jane Doe was found the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) parking lot by an employee. She is believed to have fallen 80 feet, from the Techwood Street Bridge.


  • She had brown eyes and dark brown to black hair, about seven inches long.
  • Though she was petite, she had large hips.