Fulton County Jane Doe (February 4, 2001)

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Fulton County Jane Doe was a woman whose partial skeletal remains were discovered by children playing in the woods near a field known as a dumping ground.


The first set of the decedent's remains would be found in the wooded area on Maynard Court, whereas detectives would find her weathered skull, some teeth, and an entire skeletonized foot still in her shoe along with a bag of cocaine, which may not be connected to the body. With her remains being scattered by animal activity, some pieces would be found in a nearby field by a housing project. Said field was known to be a frequented area where people would leave used condoms and empty cocaine bags, as well as a dumping ground for bodies in the past. The field that held her remains was near one of the three industrial Interstate highways around Atlanta often traveled by hundreds of semis and 18-wheelers, possibly indicating the decedent traveled that highway.


  • It is described that she may be of small stature.


  • "Jennifer-Eden" brand dark-colored bib overalls
  • A pair of women's panties, size 7
  • Two ankle-length white socks
  • One "Kathy Ireland" brand athletic shoe, size 9


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