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Fayette County John Doe was a male whose nude body was fished out of a creek in Ohio. He was discovered to have suffered two-small caliber bullet wounds in the chest and said wounds then being opened farther with a knife. Blood was found on the bridge near the creek along with its deck, indicating that was where the decedent could have been when he was murdered. Authorities suspect he may have gotten into a fight. 11 men have been ruled out as the decedent.


  • Curly reddish-brown hair measuring approximately 5 inches.
  • Green eyes.
  • Olive complexion.
  • High forehead.
  • Both top canines are considerably longer than the rest of his teeth.
  • Circumsized.
  • Tan lines around the groin area reminiscent of bikini-type briefs. The presence of tan lines may indicate he was from a warmer climate.
  • Two pale-colored vertical scars on the lower left abdomen devoid of any evidence of surgical stitches. One scar measures 1.7 inches long while the other is 3.4 inches long.