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Not to be confused with Evlyn.

"Evelyn" was the alias used by an unknown woman found deceased in Florida.


On December 27, 1973, an unidentified person known only as a friend discovered the decedent laying on her back in her residence where she had been staying for an undetermined amount of time.

The friend was only able to recall that the decedent previously referred to herself as 'Evelyn'. However, this name has been unable to identify her.


  • Short curly black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • She was mildly obese.
  • She had scars on her right hip, left ankle, left thigh and the inside of her left forearm.
  • She had scars and healed abrasions on her lower legs.
  • She had fatty liver disease.
  • She had pancreatic fibrosis.
  • She had a burn type mark on her right forearm.