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Espy Regina Black-Pilgrim (December 25, 1956 - April 1, 1985) was a woman presumed to be a victim in the Redhead murders.


On April 1, 1985, Espy's body was found in a fridge. There was a label on the fridge, which read, "Super Woman."

A lead suggested a woman may have been soliciting a ride to North Carolina, over a CB radio.

Nobody came to claim the then-unidentified Espy. She was laid to rest in Warfield Cemetery. Five hundred people attended her funeral, and the funeral was also televised.


In 2017, a woman came forward claiming the woman was her mother, Espy Regina Black-Pilgrim.

The woman also recognized that Jane Doe had the same necklace as her mother, alongside the same physical characteristics.

On October 1, 2018, it was announced that through DNA comparison, Knox County Jane Doe was Espy Regina-Black Pilgrim, of North Carolina.


  • The victim had natural teeth with discoloration on one of her upper incisors.
  • Her eyes were hazel.
  • She had red hair that had two different shades; the front side was an "auburn" shade and the back was a darker, brownish color.
  • She had numerous freckles and moles.
  • She appeared to have had mothered a child.

Clothing and jewelry

  • The victim was clothed only in two pairs of white socks on either foot.
    • One pair had green and yellow stripes
  • A pair of brown boots were found near the refrigerator that contained the body.