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El Mariachi, was one of the names used by a man stabbed to death following an argument on New Years Day 2008. His murder was quickly solved however he was never identified.


El Mariachi, who also used the name Cowboy, was a mariachi singer in Lynchburg, Virginia, whom often frequented Mario's Pizza on Bedford Avenue. His singing was described as being similar to world renown mariachi singer Vincente Fernandez. Many wanted to be friends with El Mariachi, so he could come over to their residence's and sing for them. El Mariachi had been staying in a residence in Lynchburg and had been working odd jobs in the city. When police searched his residence, they found many makeshift identification documents.

On the night of December 31, 2007, El Mariachi attended a New Years Eve party at the home of 29 year old Adolfo Valentin-Morales. Moments after a photograph of El Mariachi was taken, he and Adolfo Valentin-Morales, along with two of Valentin-Morales's friends, would get into an argument. The four men ended up on Valentin-Morales's porch, where El Mariachi cut one of the 3 men. In retaliation, Valentin-Morales went into his home, grabbed a kitchen knife, and stabbed El Mariachi in the heart, killing him instantly. His body was noticed hours later. Valentin-Morales was charged with El Mariachi's murder, however he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It is likely he was released in September 2016, according to an article.

The investigation revealed that El Mariachi had also used the aliases, Pedro Cruz-Lopez and Versai Lopez-Arellano. El Mariachi may have also been a 28 year old man from Pueblo, Mexico, who had a cousin living in Washington state and who's family was involved in the iron ore drilling business.