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"Dutch Annie" was the alias of a woman who lived in Tombstone, Arizona in the early 1880s who worked as a prostitute and Madam.


Nothing about Dutch Annie is known about her before her life in Tombstone, not even her real name. What is known about her is that she was a prostitute that was known as the “Queen of the Red Light District” in Tombstone. She also ran brothels, one of which she may have bought from Wyatt Earp. Dutch Annie was known for her kindness and generosity towards miners in need. When disease broke through the miner camp, she gave the miners money to deal with the difficult times.

How or when specifically Dutch Annie died is not known. When she did die, she was well-respected that her funeral was attended by 1000 citizens of Tombstone, ranging from her fellow prostitutes to the most prominent citizens of town. She is buried at Boothill Cemetery in Row 7.