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Dragoljub Misimović
Age 16
Race White
Sex Male
Location Gradiška, Bosnia
and Herzegovina
Disappeared 22 December 2015
Missing for 5 years
Height 1.75 m (5'7")
Weight Unknown
Classification Not stated

Dragoljub Misimović (born 25 November 1999) was a high school student of Gradiška Gymnasium in Bosnia and Herzegovina who went missing in 2015 after visiting a store during school recess.


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Misimović left his jacket, backpack and other belongings in the classroom. His cellphone remained active for some ten minutes but calls from his classmates remained unanswered. A police search and various tips yielded no results. A woman from Banja Luka claimed that he stopped her to inquire where one could exchange Euro coins for the local currency. A man with a strong resemblance to him was spotted in a church in Vienna, Austria as well.


  • Brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Speaks Serbian.
  • Oval ears and face, a regular nose.
  • Soft-spoken with an occasional stutter.
  • Surgical scars on his left knee after a sports-related injury.


  • Misimović was last seen wearing jeans.
  • A black hoodie with dark blue stripes.
  • Black sneakers.