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Dorset John Doe was a man whose body was found in woodland near Yellowham Hill, half a mile north of A35 in Dorset. He had died of amytal and mandrax poisoning approximately 6 to 9 months earlier.


  • Medium build.
  • False upper teeth.
  • Missing lower teeth.

Clothing and accessories

  • Grey checked suit Large check lightweight 'aquascutum' trousers.
  • Grey checked large check lightweight 'aquascutum' make jacket.
  • Brown tie attached to shirt with tie clip and matching cufflinks.
  • Beige biscuit coloured 'St Michael' with 15.5" collar shirt.
  • Lightweight Terylene/cotton 67/33 worn under suit trousers make 'Steegan made in Great Britain' + 'John Pittock leather' labels.
  • Red and white striped t-shirt.
  • White string vest.
  • White 36"-38" underpants.
  • Pair of elastic topped brown socks.
  • Brown suede lace-up with micro-cellular soles 'Missouri' make size 8 ankle boots.
  • Matching tie clip.
  • Tie matching cufflinks.


  • Parker pen in top outside pocket.
  • Leather notecase containing Bank of England notes.
  • Yale type key with 'R.S.T.' on one side & '8D' on other, notch filed on edge for identification.
  • Zip topped grip with 2 handles.
  • Brown blanket with orange hem stitch on edges, single size, found nearby.
  • Orange, brown & yellow pattern cushion.
  • 2 x toothbrushes.
  • Large pink comb.
  • Shaving brush.
  • Tube of Maclean toothpaste.
  • Safety razor.
  • Writing pad.
  • 2 x envelopes.
  • Small book of maps of the British Isles.
  • Wooden bar type suit coat hanger.
  • 'Van Heusan' mauve shirt, slim fit 15.5", terylene cotton.
  • Packet of Alcin tablets in foil.