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"Donna" or "Sarah" was a young woman who was discovered in a shallow grave at SW 195th Avenue and Old Cutler Road in Miami, Florida in 1971. Samuel Little confessed to the woman's murder, along with 92 others. He also provided a sketch of her.


The victim was found buried in a shallow grave in Kendall, Florida in 1971. Investigation uncovered a possible lead that the woman's name was "Donna" following their learning of a woman obtaining a similar sweater who used the name.

Samuel Little confessed to murdering this woman, which he alleged took place earlier in 1971. He created a sketch of her from his memory, and claimed her name may have also been "Sarah." Despite the age approximation by the medical examiner, Little stated she was possibly between 25 and 35.


  • Brown hair.
  • Heavyset.
  • She had a deformity in the bones of her upper vertebrae, which may have affected the position and movement of her neck.

Clothing and accessories

  • Belinda brand bra (made in Cuba).
  • White, shift dress covered with pink, yellow, and green flowers with buttons on the front.
  • Heavy knit multicolored cardigan sweater.