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"Diego Perez" and "Julio Costa-Laso" were the aliases used by an unidentified man known to be involved in drug trafficking. He was found days after he overdosed in a vacant apartment, and was surrounded by large amounts of cash and drug paraphernalia. His body was eventually cremated.

The decedent had several run-ins with ICE and obtained a Texas identification card using his "Perez" alias. A previous photograph of the subject had the "Costa-Laso" alias written beneath.


  • Curly black hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Tattoo on his right arm of an owl with the inscription "OWL" above the tattoo (see gallery)
  • Illegible tattoo on the left arm.

Clothing and accessories

  • Bright blue short-sleeve T-shirt reading "WORLDWIDE NETWORK/ 1019 NGX 2397"
  • Beige-colored shorts
  • Nearby, a significant amount of money and drug paraphernalia were found.