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Dickinson County John Doe was a man whose decomposed partial remains were discovered on a dirt road near Upland, Kansas. He was likely a victim of serial killer Cecil Henry Floyd.


The victim was found on a dirt road one mile south and one-fourth mile east of Upland by a man visiting his parents. He was shot multiple times.

After being sentenced to life in prison in 1975, Cecil Henry Floyd confessed to killing eleven people, one of them being this victim. During this time period, Floyd and his wife and kids roamed the country picking up transients and hitchhikers while robbing store clerks and killed them for their money. According to Floyd’s confession, the victim was a transient hitchhiker they picked up in western Kansas. Together they travelled east and went north after exiting Chapman. Eventually Floyd pulled off a dirt road pretending there was an issue with a rear tire and when the victim got out to help him, the former shot and killed him. He then took his wallet, stole the money in it, and then disposed of it.

At the time, Floyd apparently pleaded in this case and this is supported through newspaper records, but the court records have since been lost.

The victim was buried in Abilene Cemetery and was later exhumed for DNA testing in 2016.


  • Brown wavy hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • Dark red, four button pullover work shirt
  • Brown pullover.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Blue, knit socks.
  • Boots.
  • Pocket comb and small plastic vial.