Denton County John Doe (2020)

Denton County John Doe was a man found in a field next to Business Highway 121 in Lewisville, Texas. An air mattress was found nearby, possibly indicating the decedent was a transient.


On the afternoon of October 20th, 2020, a geologist was working in a field adjacent to the Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area Nature Preserve, where they found a human skull and other bones. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner sent anthropologists to the site the next day, but no further details were released to the public. The Lewisville Police Department commented that there are no missing persons cases in the area, and plans to reach out to surrounding law enforcement to check for any matches to the description of the male.

Clothing and accessories

  • A single plain belt buckle.
  • Two pieces of green fabric.


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