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Delta John Doe is an unidentified man found deceased in the south end of Fraser Surrey Docks Ltd.


  • Long, black hair.
  • Healthy teeth.
  • A healed nasal fracture.
  • A fatal amount of illegal drugs, possibly heroin, was in John Doe's system.
  • John Doe's profile and documents he possessed were indicators that he may have spent time in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.


  • A cloth, tan winter jacket that was filled with down and was purple inside.
  • A cloth, black and blue Bugle Boy t-shirt.
  • A brown, leather belt with a silver buckle.
  • Cloth, blue and brown, patterned Jockey underwear.
  • Blue, denim Brand Marks & Spencer pants.
  • White, cotton socks.
  • Black and white, canvas Reebok running shoes in a size 9.


  • A 1.5 inch brown, wooden cross on a thin, black cord. It was coated with varnish or another lamination and in good condition.
  • A black Papermate pen.
  • An opened pack of Du-Maurier cigarettes.