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David Glen Waue (December 19, 1986 - September 4, 2018) was a male who was found deceased inside an empty apartment in Chicago, Illinois in 2018. He was identified in early 2019 and his identity released in September 2019.


  • Short brown hair and a full beard and mustache.
  • Many tattoos, including:
    • A black ink portrait of a baby with a banner underneath with the name "Nathan" on his left breast.
    • A black ink drawing of a full-body smiling joker with skulls replacing bells on the hat on the mid-line of the upper back.
    • A black and red ink drawing of a shield divided into quarters with the letter "A", two lightning bolts, a swastika and the letter "B" over the mid-line of the sternum.
    • A black ink drawing of three smiling joker faces on his left inner arm.
    • A large number "7" in blue on fire with a yellow crown and two dice on fire on his left shoulder.
    • A black ink drawing of skulls and snakes on his left upper arm.
    • A black ink drawing of a cross with clouds with a sun behind. The horizontal inside the cross reads the name "Emily" and the vertical reads "Faith". Underneath the cross is two doves facing each other in flight.

Clothing and accessories

  • White t-shirt with the words "Walk for CareNet" and "CarenetDupage.com".
  • Black Docker brand pants.
  • Dark blue Jockey brand boxer briefs.
  • Black socks.
  • Black leather belt.
  • Brown leather Eddie Bauer brand boots.