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David Glenn Lewis was a man who was killed in a hit-and-run in Moxee City, Washington after disappearing from his home in Amarillo, Texas.

He was identified in 2004.



On January 28, 1993, David's wife and daughter left their home in Amarillo, Texas to visit Dallas for a weekend of shopping. David did not go with them and it is unknown why he didn't go.

On January 31, at 11:15 PM, David's wife and daughter returned from their trip and discovered David was not home. His car was missing, his wedding ring and watch were left on the kitchen counter and the VCR was still recording the SuperBowl event. As there were no signs of foul play, David's wife assumed he might've worked late or watched the game elsewhere. The next day, she filed a missing persons report.

His red Ford Explorer was discovered parked in front of the Potter County Courts Building in downtown Amarillo on February 2. His chequebook, credit cards and driver's license were found inside the glovebox, an area his wife states he usually kept them.

It was later discovered David had purchased tickets for a flight from Dallas to Amarillo on January 31 and a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas on February 1.


On February 1 at around 11:30 PM, a motorist on State Route 24 in Yakima County, Washington witnessed a man walking down the side of the road. They decided to make a u-turn further up the road and check on the man, but when they found him again, he was lying motionless on the side of the road.

A Chevy Camaro was witnessed leaving the scene, but no identifying information could be gathered.

An investigation found there were no signs of drugs or alcohol in David's system when he died and his manner of death was determined to be an accident since the shoulders of the road are not noticeable.