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"Dave Rawson", alternatively known as "Dave the Busker" in media, was the possible name or alias of a man whose remains were discovered in a shallow grave near the garden of a house in Galway, Ireland. Testimonies obtained by police revealed that he had been a transient man living in the area since August 1998 and that the house where his grave was discovered was often previously used as a squat for transients. It has been concluded that he died of natural causes and was likely buried by his homeless acquaintances.

Local testimonies revealed that he additionally used the names "Dave" and "Tang", and was often seen traveling with a collie dog, a tin whistle, and a guitar. He is also stated to have been a follower of the New Age Traveller lifestyle, which rejects modern societal life and encourages living in a transient manner, and had a distinct English accent.


On April 17th, 2002, a developer for a house in Galway, Ireland, was clearing a garden where he found a human skull. The Gardaí were then requested to search the property and discovered a shallow grave containing human remains wrapped in a blue sleeping bag with various items used to tie it. Miscellaneous personal items were discovered with the body either as items the decedent owned or as burial gifts. A subsequent autopsy would reveal that the remains belonged to a male that showed no signs of trauma to his body, indicating that he may have perished from natural causes.

During an investigation of the home and the surrounding area, it was revealed that the home where the shallow grave was found was originally used by the transient population as a shelter. This development led the Gardaí to suspect that the man may have been buried by his peers in the transient population, who may have been unaware that it was illegal to bury a body on land that has not been labeled for human burials. Testimonies from the local population would reveal that the remains likely belonged to a transient man who often went by "Dave", "Tang", and "Dave Rawson". He was known to have frequently been seen along Galway's Shop Street from August 1998 to sometime in 1999.

"Dave" was stated to have often been seen with a tin whistle, guitar, and a border collie dog which he had obtained after registering for a dog license. He was claimed to have been a follower of the New Age Traveller lifestyle, which rejected modern societal life in favor of a transient life. Notably, it was claimed that the decedent had a distinct English accent and was believed to have been from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England, with a sister in Exeter, England. His companions would detail to the Gardaí that he may have trained as a classical musician in London and had been married at some point in his life, though no further details were given on his partner or if they had been divorced.

According to the Gardaí, "Dave" was also stated to carry a notebook containing addresses and phone numbers, but this item was not found with his body, alongside his dog, tin whistle, and guitar. Currently, no further developments have been made in his case and it is unknown in the areas of Tunbridge Wells and Exeter were investigated in cooperation with England's police force.


  • Light brown hair.
  • Noted to have spoken with an English accent.

Clothing and accessories

  • Hair ties.
  • A blue sleeping bag.
  • Blue nylon twine.
  • Boots
  • Unspecified pieces of clothing.
  • Unspecified pieces of jewelry.