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Cynthia Audy
Cynthia Audy 01.jpg
Age 27
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
Disappeared October 24 or 28, 2004
Missing for 17 years
Height 5'7"
Weight 159 - 161 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Cynthia Albena Audy (Born January 26, 1977) was a woman from the Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation who disappeared after getting into a vehicle in Winnipeg's South End. She is also known to use the name Cynthia Albena Mae Stevens.


In the early morning hours of October 24, Cynthia was at her townhouse on Jarvis Avenue, where she'd been drinking with her paternal half sister, Angelita Stevens. After the two ran out of beer, Cynthia, who was known to occasional work in the sex trade, left her residence to purchase more beer, but needed money. She got into a three seated, navy blue and grey Chevrolet pickup truck near the corner of Selkirk Avenue and Andrews Street.

Cynthia was later on reported missing by her boyfriend. Although the Winnipeg Police have Cynthia's disappearance date as October 28, Angelita insists that the police got the date incorrect and Cynthia actually disappeared on October 24.


Physical Appearance

  • Short, brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Cynthia's ears were pierced, but it is unknown if she wore any earrings at the time.
  • Two scars:
    • A scar of an unknown length on her upper back.
    • A five inch long scar on her right cheek.


  • A heart near her right eye.
  • A heart and cross on her left, upper arm.
  • A panther or tiger on her left forearm.
  • A heart on her left wrist.
  • Another heart on her left hand, along with the names "Amber" and "Nathan."
  • "Steven" on her right wrist.
  • "Cynthia" on her right hand.
  • "Pray for me" on her left ankle.

Clothing and Belongings

  • A black blazer.
  • A red, padded bra.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Black Fila runners.
  • A gold, linked watch.
  • A blue, denim purse.