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Cuyahoga County John Doe was a male located in Ohio in 1976.


  • Brown hair.
  • Medium to long length blonde hair.
    • Parts of hair appear bleached, so may have been highlighted or lightened blonde in places.

Clothing and accessories

  • Long-sleeved shirt, paisley pattern, with white blue, yellow, brown/beidge colors. Size 14 1/2".
  • Blue jeans, size 30" x 28 1/2".
  • White, jockey-style underpants, size 32.
  • One blue and white, "North Star" brand, canvas, left tennis shoe. Size 9-9.5.
  • White, mental ring witn inlaid pattern with turqoise. Stamped "Mexico".
  • Two books of matches found in shirt breast pocket.
    • One book of matches was a political campaign book stating "Kapper for Mayor (Akron, OH)".