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Cuquito was the nickname of a man found murdered in 1982.


The decedent was found by hunters in a grassy area near Ochopee, Florida. He had been shot 5 times in the back with a handgun. The initial investigation revealed that the decedent may have gone by the nickname "Cuckoo". Variations of this nickname may have been Cuquito and/or Kuku. He was reportedly a Cuban refugee

In 1984, a 29 year old fisherman named Jose Ortega was arrested in connection with the decedent's murder. Based on statements provided by his girlfriend, who had come forward following his abuse, Jose drove her, the decedent, and three or four other individuals to Collier County from Miami. It is unclear if the decedent was lured to the location and killed, or if Jose found a good opportunity to kill him once there. Those who knew the pair acknowledged their "animosity" between each other. Charges against Jose were dropped under unknown circumstances and no conviction has ever been made in the murder.

A alleged relative came forward in November of 1984, and identified the decedent as Eduardo Bellido DeLina. He was reportedly 40 years old at the time of his death and a resident of Miami. This information is no longer believed to be accurate and he remains unidentified.


  • He had wavy black hair, 12 to 14 cm. long.
  • He had brown eyes.
  • He had multiple scars on his forehead and a scar on his right knee.
  • He had a poorly executed tattoo of a Catholic Patron Saint (St. Lazarus) on his back.