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Cumberland County Jane Doe is a female infant found murdered in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1906.


The victim was found in a barren field in the southwest edge of a borough called "Rocky Lot" by two boys named Philip Rummell and Wm Brehm at 4:00 PM. She was found in some shrubs with an old newspaper. After their discovery, the two boys went to the house of Detective H.J. Bentley and notified him. Bentley, and then-District Attorney T. Jacobs went to secure the scene. They believed the infant is from the local area.

According to then-acting-coroner J.C. Davis, the victim was deceased before she was dumped at the scene and it was after the rain on from the previous Wednesday night as the newspaper was not soiled. The flattened condition of her head was due to lying on a rock.

The next day, an inquest was empaneled by Coroner W.H. Lauma, with the jury consisting of J.M. Goodyear, G.S. Snyder, E.S. Felster, Charles Kissinger, John Craighead and S.L. Eppley. Dr. Davis, Rummel, and Brehm also testified to their jury. The jury declared the victim's death to be homicide attributed to strangulation or suffocation.

The victim's body was given over to the charge of Funeral Director I.D. Osterhout who buried her at the Old Graveyard in Carlisle.


  • Red hair.
  • Fully-developed.


  • Piece of cloth tied around her waist.
  • Old newspaper.