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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

"Cowboy" was the alias of an unidentified victim of serial killer Larry Eyler. His body hasn't been recovered but his existence was revealed in a posthumous confession released by Eyler's defense attorney with her late client's consent.


According to Eyler, this victim was murdered in Eyler's apartment in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood with the involvement of Robert Little, Eyler's roommate and alleged accomplice. The murder was carried out in April 1984.

This claim was substantiated by contemporary records of an anonymous phone call made to emergency services in relation to the discovery of a severed human hand found in a garbage receptacle behind Eyler's apartment in April 1984. The report was however not investigated at the time. In addition, Eyler's lover John Dobrovolskis revealed to investigators that he had assisted Eyler in clearing reddish-brown stains upon the ceiling and walls of Eyler's apartment in April 1984.

Not much is known about this victim. He was allegedly a white teenage male prostitute from Uptown Chicago, possibly a drifter. He now only exists as a missing person report. His severed hand and any other remains from those garbage bags are now buried in a sanitation landfill in southwest suburban Hillside.