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Cook County John Does were infant twins found in the unincorporated community of Stickney Township, Illinois on June 6, 2003. In December 2020, their mother, Antoinette Briley, was charged for their murder.


The victims were found by a garbage truck driver in a garbage can in the 4800-4900 block alley between Latrobe Avenue and Lockwood Avenue. The worker spotted the bodies in the front lift bucket of her garbage truck. A subsequent autopsy determined the victims were born alive and died of asphyxiation, and the deaths were ruled homicides.

In 2018, investigators utilized their DNA by using genetic genealogy to identify the birth mother. Antoinette Briley was identified as the potential birth mother through this method. Investigators visited her home in Holland, Michigan, and obtained a discarded cigarette containing her DNA. DNA tests between her and the twins matched and Briley was arrested and charged after a traffic stop in suburban Oak Lawn in Cook County.