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Cook County John Doe was a middle-aged or elderly man who was found deceased in June 2018. His cause of death has never been stated.


On June 8, 2018, the skeletal remains of the decedent were discovered in an abandoned residence at 9635 S. Genoa in Chicago, IL. The decedent appeared to have been living in the building prior to his death.

His remains were found next to a bed in a bedroom on the floor. He had been wearing layers of warm clothing for cold weather, indicating his time of death had most likely fallen in the autumn or winter of 2017. The decedent showed both signs of mummification and an insect infestation. However, these factors may have been the result of decedent's wardrobe.

Clothing and accessories

  • PJ's USA brand long sleeve, thermal-type shirt (size 4XL).
  • Boxer shorts with blue cars.
  • Red/orange socks.
  • Black jacket, brand Red Kap.
  • Cherokee brand plaid drawstring pants, size large.
  • Carlos Devenezia brand Button down shirt (size 34/35).
  • Grey metal fingernail clippers.
  • Green lighter.