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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Cook County Jane Doe was a young woman found murdered on May 24, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. She is believed to be a victim of a suspected serial killer.


The victim's mostly-naked body was discovered in an alley behind 4837 South Champlain Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. She had been raped and strangled.

Gregory Clepper, a suspected serial killer, was charged in her case. Clepper claimed that the victim was a sex worker, and that he met her in the village of Woodlawn. He is believed to have been active between October 22, 1991 and April 23, 1996. This woman is the only victim to remain unidentified.

Despite the suspect's claims, police have stated that the female may not have been a sex worker, citing that she may have been "offered a ride" or abducted.

She was initially reported to be as young as 15, which was later adjusted.


  • Short, black hair worn in a ponytail with a black ribbon.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Pierced ears
    • No earrings were located.
  • Six-inch scar on the abdomen.
  • Stretch marks.
    • It is believed she had given birth to at least one child.

Clothing and accessories

  • Pink bodysuit.
  • Black bra.
  • One sock.