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Constantin Popa is a Romanian man who went missing from Ulm, Bavaria, Germany on 31 January, 2020,.


Constantin Popa comes from a small village in Romania and worked in a freight center in Günzburg. He shared a small room with three other countrymen. He left this accommodation on 31 January 2020 around noon and disappeared without a trace.

In February 2020, his backpack was discovered not far from where he disappeared hanging from a bush which contained all his valuables.

Based on the information available to date, the police suspect that he has fallen victim to foul play.


  • Eastern European appearance.
  • Speaks broken German.
  • Slim body type.
  • Brown, short hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Cut scar in the palm of the right hand.



  • Possibly a dark jacket.
  • Backpack yellow-transparent with inscription "Deutsche Post DHL Group" (found).