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Conception Bay John Doe was a male whose skull was recovered from Minerals Road, located within Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada in 2001.


A subsequent search for further remains after the initial discovery had proven unsuccessful, as despite their best efforts, authorities were unable to retrieve the rest of the man's remains. His death had been ruled a homicide.

The decedent is known to have spent most his time in Southern Quebec, Ontario (such as border cities), and/or even in the Northeastern United States, according to stable isotope analysis that had been performed postmortem. However, closer examination of the man's dentition and hair revealed that he most likely had left the area approximately 18 months prior to death, and had been traveling extensively around the east coast of Canada within 13 months before death.

Methods of Identification

  • DNA Available: Yes (although a DNA comparison had been made, cross-referencing against missing persons cases, and unfortunately as a result, this did not yield any clues).