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Clearwater County John Doe was a man who was discovered in early November of 1906 near Pierce, Idaho.


The victim was discovered by a trapper named Charlie Smith upper Clearwater County, Idaho. He was lying sixty feet above low water on the bank of the North Fork directly opposite of Skull Creek, a small stream that empties into Clearwater from the right side. His skull, one leg, and one arm were missing. It is believed he had been dead for several months based on the condition of his possessions and bleached condition of his bones.

Smith waited for two weeks before telling Felix Roberts, who in turn told the town of Pierce a week later. By the time the Pierce City Miner published the story on November 30, 1906, the victim's skeleton was still not recovered. Smith intended to bring it out in a few weeks after the paper's publishing. No further details are currently available on what happened next, but the victim is now buried in Hill Cemetery in Orofino, Idaho.


  • High-top mountain shoe.
  • Cartridge belt containing several cartridges.
  • Revolver of a large caliber, badly corroded.
  • Small axe commonly used by prospectors in the area and timber cruisers.