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"Claudia" was a victim of Keith Hunter Jesperson. The potential first name has never been verified.


Her body was found under the brush, in the desert, north of Blythe, California. It was 100 ft. from Highway 95. Jesperson claimed she was accepting rides from truckers and wanted to go to Phoenix, Arizona. He allegedly picked her up at the Break Check area off I-15 in Cajon Pass and drove her around San Bernardino. The victim had already traveled through Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


  • She had blond hair, thought to be shoulder length and wavy.
  • Her fingernails and toenails were painted with a gold glitter polish.
  • There were two small dots tattooed on her right thumb, between the nail and joint.
  • Her eyebrows were very thin.
  • Some of her teeth were missing.


  • She wore jeans.
  • She wore a gray t-shirt with a picture of a skeleton riding a motorcycle.



  • Her reconstruction was shown on the show Evil Lives Here, along with Carla.