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Clara "Nuttin" Birdlong (1933 - c. August 3, 1977) was a woman found in a wooded area in 1977. Serial killer Samuel Little confessed to her murder along with the slayings of nearly 100 people.

She was identified in 2021 with assistance from Othram Inc.


Clara Birdlong was found near Interstate 10 and Highway 63 (now 613).

Little stated he met a woman matching Clara's description at a bar in Gulfport, Mississippi and said she may have been from the Pascagoula area. Clara was possibly employed at the Ingalls Shipyard.

Little said this encounter took place before 1982, which is consistent with this case. Police believe his statements are credible, yet he was unable to recall Birdlong having gold caps on her teeth.


  • The woman had two gold caps on her front teeth, which protruded.
  • She had a prior surgery or an injury to a leg as well as an injury to an ankle, affecting the way she would have walked.
  • She likely smoked or used tobacco.
  • She gave birth at least once.
  • Her hair (unknown color) had been braided and she possibly wore a wig.
  • Samuel Little provided additional details about the victim:
    • She may have had a light complexion.
    • Her hands may have been visibly worn due to her job.