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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Clackamas County Jane Doe was a woman who was discovered in Clackamas County, Oregon on June 13, 1975 after serial killer Richard Marquette, the first person ever to be added as an eleventh name on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List, led authorities to her body.


After confessing to the April 1975 murder of Betty Wilson, Marquette confessed to killing another woman in mid-1974 shortly after his release from prison for the June 1961 murder of Joan Caudle. He met this woman at Dubious Dudley's bar in Salem, Oregon and brought her home for sex. According to Marquette, she back out at the last moment (he also said Joan and Betty backed out too, but investigators never believed that part of the story) and he strangled, dismembered, and buried her. He did not know her name or anything of her background. He speculated no one missed her because he never heard anything more about her.

Marquette agreed to lead authorities where he buried the victim. On June 13, 1975, he brought investigators, staff of the Marion County District Attorney, and his lawyers to a rugged area near the Roaring River Rest Stop alongside the Clackamas River. He pointed out two graves half a mile apart. Most of her skeletal remains were recovered, but authorities did not reover clothing, jewelry, or her head, which prevented her identification as her fingertips had decomposed and DNA technology was not available yet.