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"Cinnamon" was the name used by a woman who was discovered decomposing in a houseboat floating off of Sigsby Bay. It is alleged she never told anyone her real name.


The decedent was found deceased on a derelict cabin cruiser in Sigsby Bay after possibly overdosing on amphetamines and alcohol days before near the Rat Key. She was found with a poem about her life and death on her person, along with a note that the boat's owner would soon be returning from Alaska. The owner of the houseboat was never named.

An anonymous tip was given to the authorities by a man who claimed to be Cinnamon's boyfriend who stated she was suicidal. He said that she always went by the name "Cinnamon" and allegedly never told anyone her real name.


  • Unshaven legs.
  • Black, moderately graying hair measuring approximately 4 centimeters.
  • May have given birth at least once in her lifetime.


  • Charcoal-colored swimming trunks with pockets.
  • Cotton brief underpants.
  • Cut-off tank top with a flamingo emblem.
  • A rope necklace with a glass amulet attached by a coiled wire.
  • A beaded string bracelet on her right ankle.