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Rosaly Cindy Chavarria Rodriguez, known by her middle name, was a young woman of Peruvian origin whose body was discovered in the township of Wheaton, (1994 - c. July 2, 2020) Wisconsin in October 2020. Early into the investigation, it was suspected the remains belonged to the victim, based on clothing similarities, yet it took nearly a year for DNA to confirm. Chavarria's murder remains unsolved, although a person of interest has been identified.


Chavarria's remains were discovered in a purple suitcase in the vicinity of a vacant farm in Wheaton, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, along County Highway T. Police had responded to a tip surrounding drug activity in the area, and they subsequently discovered a woman's deteriorated remains at the site.

The clothing worn by the victim, of what was determined to be a homicide, bore the name "Rosaly" with a work uniform belonging to a Sprecher's restaurant located in the Wisconsin Dells area, where the missing woman was employed. Authorities quickly learned of Chavarria's disappearance, which took place around July 2 or 4, 2020, having been reported on July 21. At the time she was entered into the database, her birthdate was unknown, and she was erroneously listed as being 26, instead of 25.

After DNA was successfully processed by the University of North Texas, the profiles from both cases were matched. At the time, officials were still uncertain where Chavarria had been murdered. A person of interest was described to have come to light, now residing in the southern portion of the country, yet they were not publicly identified.