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"Chris" was the possible name of a young or middle-aged man found murdered in 1987 in Virginia.


On May 16th, 1987, trucker John Schwartz encountered a young man at a truck stop on his way to Edison, New Jersey. The man, who went by the name of "Chris", claimed he had been stranded at the truck stop for two days and was trying to get to a camping location. Schwartz offered him money in exchange for help in unloading his truck along the way, to which Chris agreed.

Upon arrival in New Jersey on May 18th, they got into an argument over payment. Chris demanded $100 and Schwartz's personal items, threatening to turn him for having an unauthorized rider. He continued to threaten Schwartz with a pocket knife throughout the following day. That evening, Schwartz pulled to the side of Interstate 81 and shot Chris twice, then disposed of the victim and his possessions.

Schwartz was convicted of the murder and died in prison.


  • He was wearing eyeglasses of a military-type issue.
  • He was near-sighted.
  • He was carrying multiple items, including a metal Crucifix with a chain, cassette tape, cigarette lighter and a switchblade knife.
  • He struggled with spelling simple words and may have had dysgraphia (writing disorder)